Wednesday, March 01, 2006

after the party -
the musical instruments
I didn't play...

Note to tc, if you're reading this, remind me to get the musical frog out if we have a haiku meeting!


Timothy said...

Oh! Shame. See I knew I dragged everyone away too early. My apologies. And in the excitement I forget to pick a book or two. (We *just* caught the bus with about 15 seconds to spare). Not that I haven't enough reading material.

texas haijin said...

wonderful, i love it.

Alan Summers said...


Don't kick the frog out, he can play with Crow. (-;

Alison Williams said...

You're going to bring a crow? Well, why not...?

Alan Summers said...

Crow can be very handy! (-;

sunny day
Crow winks with a squint
through a window