Tuesday, March 28, 2006

me home -
the neighbour's cat


Little Onion said...

Alison I'm enjoying reading your blog - the soup is good.

I've got the image of the cat welcoming you home but this feels like half-a-haiku to me.

the neighbour's cat
welcomes me home

(this is what i'm getting)

of course i see that the dash after home might imply that someone else is welcoming you home and then we have the neighbour's cat as an additional image but i don't feel it

away from haiku speculation when i was a boy the neighbour's cat used to climb in my bedroom window and sleep on the end of my bed... but only when the neighbours stayed out a little later at the pub or a party or something - even though the cat had a cat-flap and warm bed inside his own house - he never climbed in if they were home on time...

Little Onion

Eric said...

lovely image.