Friday, April 07, 2006

It was quite tiny and almost entirely transparent. You could see through its skin, in places you could see right through its body. It had a streak of red down the middle, deep inside, but its arms and legs, hands and face were all clear and bright, and the light shone through it. It was wrapped in a soft blanket and as I unwrapped it I was afraid it might be too delicate to handle, that I might hurt it. But when it was out of the blanket it began to stretch and bend its delicate looking arms and legs with surprisingly strong movements, as if it were swimming in the air. Its face had that look, that wide eyed glow, as if it was still seeing the faces of the angels and looking back into their eyes. It never quite focused on me.

carrying it
with me all day long -
dream baby


Alan Summers said...

I like this very much. I hope you have considered submitting the piece to a magazine!

Alison Williams said...

Thanks! I might do that, but first I need to find a title for it.

Aurora said...

This is one of my favourite things that you have written, Alison.

sangeet said...

A lovely haunting haibun..