Saturday, May 13, 2006

in holly and ivy -
a fallen angel's wings

one upright gravestone
among oddly angled ones -
Edward Askew Sothern

almost worn
from the stone, the words
'passed away'

headstones -
my tongue finds the place
of the lost filling

crowding around
the chapel door -

hollow cross -
a little water
gathered in it

between the graves
a perfect
dandelion clock


mattm said...

Glad to see the ukku gathering proved productive!

Aurora said...

These are brilliant.

Alan Summers said...

It was a brilliant meeting, and the walk through the cemetary was amazing.

Thanks Alison for getting haiku up so quick.

I like them all!

My favourites at this moment are:

almost worn

headstones (because I can relate to that right now!)

crowding around

hollow cross

and blimey, I remember that dandelion now too! That's what I love about 'autobiographical' haiku, especially if I was there too.

Thanks Alison.

sangeet said...

Beautiful collection - each a lovely haiku on its own too!