Friday, September 03, 2021

passing clouds
brighten and darken
the morning sky
seeming to mock
his mood swings

having washed
the dirty dishes
I feel
so much better
about the world

this summer
this distancing
sparrow chirps
louder than the sound
of human voices

Blithe Spirit Vol 31 Issue 3 August 2021

Sunday, August 15, 2021

no likeness
in their faces
but from behind
the shape of their ears
is identical

children running
in spring sunshine
the parents walk
and their parents
sit hidden in the shade

the hesitancy
in his steps
a neighbour says
he has aged ten years
in the last one

Presence 70 July 2021

just sitting
by an open window
my stale thoughts
into spring air

a sense of
l o o s e n i n g
I didn't even realise
I had become

Blithe Spirit Vol 31 No 2 May 2021

the season
of stories retold
once again
our hushed anticipation
of the end

a warm wind
blowing through trees
in full-leaf
of a far-away sea

cold moon
a flatness in the way
he says
it's fine
I'm fine

Presence 69 March 2021

short days
and strange dreams
in the cold earth
spring bulbs
also dormant

a nightmare
until I stop and turn
to face my pursuer
and find myself looking
down an empty street

morning fog
softening winter trees
as I emerge
from a dream
of clarity

Blithe Spirit Vol 31 No 1 February 2021

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Living with it

The snake is still in the house, it hasn't gone away, it could come back into view at any moment.

The first time he saw it, it was a shock. He froze, glanced around for a weapon or a way out. During the day he found it hard to keep his gaze from going back to it. When it slid into the shadows at night he slept lightly and woke abruptly before dawn.

As time passed he got used to living with a snake, used to putting his feet up on the couch when relaxing on a hot afternoon, used to checking the shower before stepping in. He only rarely turned on the lamp he had set out to illuminate the dark corners.

One day he realised that even if there were no snake in the house it would be easy enough for one to slither in from outside, maybe without him even noticing.

moon shadows
the test results come back

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 4 November 2020

the old walls -
a memorial to those lost
in previous plagues

City - The British Haiku Society 30th Anniversary Members' Haiku Anthology 2020

a fledgling gull's
persistent cries
the city
so much quieter
this summer

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 4 November 2020

a scattering
of downy seeds
in the evening air
who knows what
another year will bring?

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 4 November 2020

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Thursday, September 03, 2020

The rift

He doesn't talk about it because he can't find words that people will understand. A few times, early on, he made attempts but they ended in frustration and failure. Those who have been to certain places don't come back, although they appear to. They are forever separated from the rest. They themselves can see the rift quite clearly, but others only have a vague sense of it. 

the scent of road dust 
and aromatic herbs

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 3 August 2020
after school
we played a game
called 'touch'
laughing as we ran
to find a safe place

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 3 August 2020 
taken back
by the scent of
to a path that leads down
to a cooling sea

Blithe Spirit Vol 30 No 3 August 2020