Tuesday, March 21, 2006

cool stone hall -
the cheerfulness
of the security guard


sangeet said...

Nice! I like the contrast.


Alan Summers said...

Any good security guy doing 'access' should be cheerful, whether forced or natural!

Speaking as one who has done access, front back stage, and backstage etc... (-;

art café evening
the door supervisor
hums a James Bond theme

Alison Williams said...

Thanks sangeet!

Maybe so, alan, but this character was on duty at the county court, so I'd have let him off if he'd been sterner!

Alan Summers said...

I take it you weren't sentenced?!

A terrible thing to have happen to a haiku poet.

Alison Williams said...

All charges of committing poetry were dropped!

Alan Summers said...

You do live in a nice town!

Did you know that Paul Newman, the movie star, was murdered before he could read his newest haiku?

It's very sad.

For Paul Newman who “died before he could read his newest haiku”.

“The poet who killed...” this movie star “...hid in shame, sleeping in New York dumpsters and covering himself at night with newspaper stories of the harm he had done. Even in daylight, he was afraid to come out. He wrote using ripped words from magazines, gluing them on the insides of dumpster walls with old gum. As he ran out of printed words and the lighter he used to see with ran out of juice...”

[New Artistic Directions by Sarah Goff
Eclectica Magazine Vol. 5, No. 4 October/November, 2001]

I will be avenging Paul later this year if anyone, wearing black armbands, is interested in attending.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Sangeet. the contrast is nice