Monday, March 20, 2006

in a sunny corner
a patch of daffodils show
just a hint of yellow
before being battered
face down to the ground


Alan Summers said...

Yikes, what happened?

It kinda reminded me of a really nice walk/cycle along part of the Bath/Bristol cyclepath.

cricket song
the jogger crunches
between loose gravel

pub. 2003
Haiku Friends
ed. Masaharu Hirata
Umeda Printing
Osaka, Japan

Alison Williams said...

I think it was that ol' vandal, the north wind, although I didn't witness the battering personally.

Alan Summers said...

He was travelling in a northerly direction m'lud, but I didn't see 'im do it.

Case dismissed petal!

Lactose said...

Very nice :-)

Keep writing! More please :-)