Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday sunshine -
the builder's ladder leans
against the wall


Aurora said...

I like this one a great deal, and can see great strobes of sunshine the length of a large ladder against the wall.

Love your new picture.:)

Alan Summers said...

I too echo aurora, although intrigued about the soft focus effect, which I know you don't need! (-;

warm day ...
the workman lunches
in his wheelbarrow

Snapshot Calendar 2004
Snapshot Press Calendar Competition 2006

Alison Williams said...

Believe me, I need all the soft focus I can get!

I always liked that workman of yours, maybe he was a subconscious inspiration for my absent builder?

Alan Summers said...

I think he was just unconscious.

We all need a little soft focus in our life I suppose. Still love the photo!

five egrets
reflect the last light -