Saturday, March 11, 2006

a bird is singing without
pause for breath
and still I hesitate
over what to say


texas haijin said...

wow. that's how i always feel when i heard such beautiful birdsong. all this beautiful "singing." i wish i knew half these birds names. :)

Alan Summers said...

I really like the line break choices here, the enjambment if you will.

"outside" is evocative on its own; line two ending "without" makes it a page turner, or rather a line turner; and so on.

Normally I hate a lot of line breaks: they seem to jar for no good reason; and they aren't reader friendly except to a small corps of very experienced readers.

It's also quite beautiful! (-;

Aurora said...

Very nicely done.

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

What a fine reflection on the poetic life. And, how true...